td dump valve


i have a fourtrack on a 'k' plate.
im realy keen on finding out if anyone has ever fitted a dump valve to the turbo of the 2.8 diesel.

if anyone has any ideas, pics, website, companies or even dumpvalves for sale pls reply.
(pics commin soon)

Dump valves

Dont think dump valves really work on a diesel, they are meant for petrol engines.... I think !!

I'm intrigued !, what are you

I'm intrigued !, what are you thinking of using your 'Trak for ?, drag racing or sprinting. I thought the dump valve was to keep turbo revs up while gear changing Unknw The poor old Fourtrak is hardly a fire breathing monsta Wink

specialist subject!

i had a derv dump valve on my rover mk3 220 SDi, there is no actuall benefits for a diesel other than that lady attracting sound Wink fact i found that i had more lag, as all excess boost was lost upon gear change. the main differance between petrol and diesel dump valves is that most dervs run higher boost levels (rover was at 19PSI!)so your average dump valve will creep open under high load. there is also a need to fit a switch and a vacuum servo, as there is no vacum pipes on the derv.
dump valves are available, but come at a price! looking around £300 fitted!

TBH i wouldnt consider it a great idea, as the nature of the dump valve means that water, dirt, dust and general crap has a way in to the induction pipes, not good.
more inspiration can be found on: (lots o tning info too)

the latter been a supplier of dump valves.

They are pointless, personall

They are pointless, personally I wouldnt bother a daft noise and no performance gain, that said thay are easy to fit and you can pick most of the parts up at a breakers yard, as the ones advertised on ebay etc the "ECU" housed in that aluminium/plasic box is just an egr solinoid off a MK3 Golf TDI.

That said I am producing a fiting guide for diesel dump vavles on my website.

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right to be perfectly honest there is no point fitting a dump valve on a deisel unless its a recirculating dump valve you want the turbo spinning as much as possible with a recirculating dump valve it routes excess boost pressure back through the turbo which then keeps the the turbo spinning which is good when changing gear witha non recirculating dump valve it just dumps all the excess boost pressure to atmosphere which the the turbo will start to slow down down during gear change. but if you really want to fit a dump valve then go to some sort of tuning 306 diesel website they tell you bout tuning the pump aswell as fitting a dump valve n its not a fakedump valve either it works off the vacum of the turbo but with a added sensor im sorry but i cant remember the web address have alook around the puegeot diesel tuning sites you will find alot that you will probably be interested in!!

about my dump valve

well then, thanks for all the replies guys.

i wont be considering a dump valve now, will be finding sommin else to invest cash in, cheers for the info on why its not worth it cos i now have more usefull ideas to put the cash into,

pics commin soon,

dump valves

im trying to fit one but am trying to find out info on which 1 to fit



pictures of fitting a dump valve to a fourtrak

my son wants me to fit an old dump valve on our scuffler, he wants the noise, i know they dont do a lot performance wise but itll keep him happy when we are thrashing our truck. anybody got any pictures of where & how, can i just drop in the connector t-peice on the pipe from turbo to intercooler??