33X12.50 R15LT Tyres on Fourtrak


Can anyone tell me if a set of 33X12.50 R15LT Tyres would fit on my Fourtrak TDX, the vehicle has 7" rims and is not lifted.


go to http://www.sowdentyres.co.uk/greenway-tyres.html and look at the GREENWAY CHACO 4x4 TYRES im getting a set at the mo there 54 quid per tyre for a 235x85x16 wich i didnt think was bad. i dont know if you understand tyres so i'll explain:- the 235 is the whith the 85 is the profile and the 16 is the wheel size hope this helps

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You'll probably also need 10"

You'll probably also need 10" rims for tyres that size, so you have some turning lock left, and to give the tyre some stability.

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