new fourtrak owner - help think I've screwed up



Can anybody help me, think i've made a big mistake.

Just got a foutrak, was going to tidy up, MOT and use.

Thought I'd top gearbox up with oil. So undid what I thought was oil filler. However I think i have undone a bolt on wrong side of gearbox, i.e. passenger side, whereas think filler is on drivers. Anyway when I extracted this bolt, i thought i heard something drop or move inside box. Did bolt back up, however gearbox will not go into first gear as its stands. Havent moved or started it as worried Ill shred gearbox or something. Can anybody help me with this or shed some light, have I screwed up royally or am I just being paranoid and should I try see if fourtrak moves. What is this bolt on almost opposite side from oil filler, Much appreciate any help, thanks.

Also front diff filler wont shift, is it ok to put a little heat on this to see if it will move, or will i just damage casing or internals

Diabloam, How can I put th


How can I put this nicely,

Ya stuffed up.
Unfortunately, that what you heard dropping is the reverse gear activating rod. The bolt you pulled out is the pivot. That bolt SHOULD have had an aluminium locking tab bent over it, to prevent it being undone.
You should be able to drive it without a problem, except you wont have reverse.
The solution is even more unpleasant,

You have to pull the gearbox out and disassemble it to correct it.

As for the front diff filler, try hitting it hard with a heavy hammer flat on the face, a couple of times. This may loosen the bit of corrosion thats holding the thread. A bit of heat probably wont hurt it.

Just the kind of news you wanted to hear to make your day. Sorry.
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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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>@£$ &!£$ £$%& plus more copious swearin

That is bad news, but suppose there are worse gearboxes to take out. Are you sure I can drive it ok without damaging it, obviously wont hold you responsible if you say yes and i mash box, but how certain are you, pretty sure?. If someone was to play with gearlever, is it possible to get this bolt to locate again properly or is it defo box out job. Thanks four help and advice, much appreciated

I'm afraid it definitely a ca

I'm afraid it definitely a case of dropping the gear box m8...the oil filler is the nut on the opposite side to the one you Bundy says there should have been a lock tab on the nut...what a ridiculous design really....basically Daihatsu did not want you doing yer own maintainance.

Never mind m8...once you have done the job you will have that much more knowledge of you track..looking on the bright side Smile

its annoying as lock plate ov

its annoying as lock plate over bolt on mine was flattened out, and it certainly looked like the oil filler. Was also upside down under car and so lost my bearing as to which side I was under. My garage isnt very tall and have only put the front wheels up on ramps to get box out. Is this enough space to get box out? When I did a toyota hilux surf with my mate we managed it like this so am hoping its cool, foutrak box looks less hasslesome to remove. I am well used to gearboxes out cars so am told I should find this easier than most cars.

However unsure about taking top cover, change mechanism off box once its on bench, any pointers in getting this pivot back in?, thanks again

gear box help.

Hi mate, a while back is was talking to some one who did this and by removing gear stick and top cover and a lot of fiddling with some wire managed to get it back,certainly easyer than removing gear box, good luck.

Box now out

Myself and couple of mates hauled box out last night. Mine is the one with the powershift for 4wd in high ratio, so wiring is a bit annoying, along with couple of breather hoses from engine bay. Anyway trying to hide my oil stained hands and nails in office the day and hopefully take top off and sort out when home. The wee cylindrical Gbox mount is shot as well, so probably have to replace that also. Was going to change clutch seen while box was out, but at £169 from local motor factors, probably wont now, as one in it wasnt slipping or anything. Any suggestions for cheap parts? have a milner catalogue, got springs off them, so maybe have a look at them. Anyway hopefully can get this sorted, so that after couple of nights work i am back whee I started! Feel a bit stupid for having done this idiotic manouvre! Still have to put two driver side springs on, tighten front wheel bearings (any advice on this), free off front calipers a little to get my MOT. However still reckon its worth it, as my fourtrak was waxoiled from new, and is like new underneath, has only 123K on clock (led to believe thats hardly run in for these engines- correct?) and has good history. Did have to weld in patches under plastic arches, but told they all rot there. thanks for help everybody, appreciated, will defo be visiting this forum again, pleasant well informed owners, cheers again, will post how I get on.

done thankfully

box back, feels and drives ok, time will tell. The 5th gear pivot shaft is weird, its not held on by anything other than shift rod and gearchange mechanism, i thought it would have had a nut or something. Hope nobody else does this, was a right pain in the arse. Was worried there should be another bit to this, rather than just bolt and pivot shaft, (correct me if wrong), but thats seems to be it, strange!

Spares supply.

Milners are OK, you might want to try Atkinson Automotive, you'll find him on here somewhere, he breaks fourtraks, and alsways has lots of spares. His names Paul, give him a bell.

The biggest problem with thes

The biggest problem with these gearboxes is the weight. All up, including the transfer case, you are looking at around the 50-60kg mark. It doesnt sound too much, but grovelling round on the floor, trying to lift it back up, and get the input shaft correctly aligned up with the spigot bearing is a real pain in the a$$. Plus the transfer case is offset, and this makes it all lobsided, and difficult to get a jack under.
I have had the gearbox out of mine a few times, and these days, if I have any work to do regarding motor/gearbox/transfer case, I take the whole lot out together, and split them on the floor. I find this easier than working under the vehicle. If you do this, make sure you remove the radiator, and the top part of the support panel. This leaves a large gap to get the assembly out, and you dont have to lift it right up over the top of the guards.
Once you get the box out, and the cover off, you should be able to pick the rod up with a piece of wire, and replace the bolt into it pretty easily.
When the bolt dropped out on me when I was driving, I drove another 200km or so, at highway speeds, without realising I had no reverse. No damage done.

Good Luck.

Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt, and

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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
I use billion dollar satellites, to find Tupperware.
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All views and advice offered are my own, from my ow

Screw up

I agree with Bundy, this is a screw up. I wouldn't even want to drive the vehicle just in case something jammed. It is an easy thing to fix once the 'box is out, the top unbolts and everything is visible inside so its just a case of putting back what came off. Its been a number of years since I rebuilt mine but I have a spare one in the garage I could get the top off to refresh my mind if you got really stuck. Just don't drop one of the detent springs into the freshly filled 'box like I did. Thank goodness for magnets on bendy wire handles!!!

Aj Caine, If you can be bothe

Aj Caine, If you can be bothered mate, have a wee shifty at your spare and tell us whats this bolt attach to, I have factory manual, but they are from scanned pages, so the exploded diagram of gearbox etc arent too clear. By the way what a nice forum, defo be back. Does anybody want copy of manual on CD i have. Cant understand why its for sale on ebay yet you can download it from several places for nowt. Will popst again the morrow, let you all know how i got on, cheers


I will have a look but won't have time until the weekend. When you get the 'box out you need to undo the 10 or so bolts that hold the top cover of the gearbox on, don't remove the gear lever housing which is held on by 4 or so bolts, this will come off still attached to the gearbox cover. You can remove the gear lever itself first if you like which is held with a circlip and conical spring. When you lift the top off the 'box the selector forks just slide off the synchro hubs so there is no bother getting them back on.

Manual on CD

Im a new owner of a fourtrak, Would it be possible to get a copy of the manual please


i donr the same thing myself

i donr the same thing myself onmy fourtrak thougt it was the filler plug took it out.
the same noise and something fell in the gearbox i lost 5th if i remember rightly. i replaced the box with a recon.

fourtrak owner

done the same myself, i did get the gearbox rebuilt, i did try to move the old girl but lost all gears and eventually stuck in reverse so wouldnt recomend drivivg it until fixed.

i thought it was just me who did things like that, good luck.