empty spaces in fuse box...are they spose to be there?


had a look at the fuse boxes today in the big black beastie of a fourtrak 2.8 deisel. there is two fuse boxes i found, one large and full of fuses, and one smaller with only one fuse but a few spaces that are empty.
Can anybody help me by telling me wot the one fuse box is for, and whether it should have other fuses in it please?

If everything electrical work

If everything electrical works, then someone has pinched all the spare fuses.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

There will be spare spaces fo

There will be spare spaces for spec in other contries, like side lights that come on with ignition for Switzerland. Also Jap cars tend to use a lot of common parts. If they need one extra fuse, they'll put it on it's own in the smallest fuse box they already have on the shelf rather than get a one fuse box made up.

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