problem after new clutch fitted


Hi all

I have a 2008 terios J2, which has been running great for the year and a half I've owned it, the other day I had a new clutch fitted at a local garage and now have this new problem that makes me think a mistake was made somewhere, if I turn the wheels left or right, doesn't have to be full lock, there is a juddering, it's almost like the brakes are coming on and it doesn't want to take corners. It makes me think the diff is locked or something along those lines, it's back at the garage but so far they haven't said they know what the problem is. Anyone had a similar problem, or any thoughts? Thanks

update, I just spoke to the garage and they are saying they haven't done anything wrong so it must have been like that when I brought it in, which isn't true. He also said if the 4x4 button is pressed in there is no problem, but isn't it the case you can't drive round on dry tarmac roads with the diff locked?