Springs - What like to change



Had great responce on this site for my gearbox problem, so thought Id post about other jobs I have to do, see if there are known problems or hassles. Have both drivers side springs to change. got kit with new bushes and U bolts etc plus shocker eye bushes from Milners (one spring went missing in post, but hats off to milner another was in post sharpish - recommend them customer service great anyway). Somebody told me when changing these you can have hassles with the half shafts popping out, is this true, should I watch out for this. Is this (apart from possibly seized bolts) an easy job to do. Also there was a little play in front wheel bearings. My MOT garage (who run couple of fourtrak themselves) say its just a matter of piching bolt up. But unlike theirs, mine has the autolocking hubs - so is it different and does anybody have any pointers.

Other than that all I need to source is a rear driverside bumper tail light and should have nice MOT. Thanks for the help I have got from this forum, have added it to my favourites! Been to loads of car related forums on internet and this one was pleasant surprise (into old shape Clio 16v and williams so Cliosport is another recommended forum). However great forum and site everybody. Cheers