Rocky 1.6 overheating


I have a problem with overheating under load, going up hills for instance, the water temp is ok but the engine smells oily.
I live in Spain so like most peaple here when the thermostat started getting old I removed it. The water pump seems to work ok as with the engine cold (no thermostat) I can see the water moving in the rad (cap off). ideas anyone?

thermostat etc

1. A thermostat regulates the water temperature in the engine block. If you remove the thermostat the water in the engine block heats slowly and consequently the vehicle's fuel consumption will be increased. If the environment is cooler than the air-flow necessary to cool the radiator, the engine block might not heat to its required temperature. If the engine block is not running at its designed temperature the valves will become sticky and deposits will collect inside the cylinder head/valves etc.
2. You can see water moving inside the radiator ...... is the water circulating or just ripling with the motion of the engine? If you accelerate the water level will significantly rise up the filler-cap if the water pump is working.

Conclusion ..... water pump broken/stuck or dying and engine possibly carbonated.

PS .. I thought you all rode donkeys in Spain !!!! lol


Well well...
Never remove the thermostat valve. It regulates the cold and hot water to cirlculate one at the time. It traps the hot water into radiator and cool them down until the water in the machine gets hot and ready to exchange with the one in the radiator.
When you removed it, the waters keep circulating all the time until they got hot all of them and the result is your temp will gain.

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