Im at my wits end, please help me


I am the owner of a Daihatsu SG Chirade, June 1989 and it is fantastic on fuel when she is at her best. Just under 12 months ago, got a tune up before a big holiday and put in new water pump. A day later, lost all water, new motor was the next step. 12 months down the track, tune-up, within a week, water pump blown again!!!!! Why, what, how. Everytime the motor running perfectly, the water pump blows. Please advise me. Perth, Western Australia

RE Water Pump

Maybe your mechanic is just over tensioning the belt that drives the water pump,i would expect him to re tension it during a tune up,this would put too much stress on the bearing in the nose of the pump leading to rapid failure.make sure when new pump fitted drive belt has about 20 - 25mm of movement in middle of longest run in belt.Hope this helps!

Water Pump

No problem mate,hope you get it sorted!