Replacing rear brake pads on Charade GTI...


Now, I'm not the most mechanically minded person in the world, which is probably half of the problem, however, my problem is as follows;

I am trying to replace the rear brake disks on my '91 1.3 GTI Charade, but am having trouble removing the caliper. Instead of 2 bolts as I would have imagined were fixing it in place, there is one easily accessible bolt holding the top of the caliper in, but the bottom is secured in another way.

Where I expected there to be a bolt there is a metal cap, which seems to house a sunken bolt, tho I can't be completely certain of this... I have tried to remove this, but cannot find a socket small enough to fit in the hole but also big enough to fit around the bolt-- and I don't think one exists!

I did the front brakes previously, and they both have standard raised bolts, as you would expect, so this is a bit of a mystery to me.

Am I barking up the wrong tree, or do I need to keep trying different sockets until finding the magic one, with Tardis-esque properties?

Any feedback would be appreciated...


Rear Pad Replacement

Hi' You will probably find that the lower bolts are hexagon head bolts requiring a Allen Key to loosen.hope this solves your dilemma!