Sportrak jerking when in low gear


Can anyone give me some suggestions as to what it causing my Sportrak (91 Efi) to kangaroo jump when moving off from junctions or when in a low gear - It doesn't happen all the time but does appear to be happening more frequently. I do assure you that it is not my driving skills that are causing this (atleast I hope not.)

I thought that maybe it was dirty petrol or some blockage somewhere but then again I know nothing about cars so I'm only guessing.

Any advice would be great


Pulling out and jerking... ooer

It could be a blockage or your petrol filter might need cleaning. However could also be your clutch might need adjusting.

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have you been tinkering lately ?

One weird that can do this is if you have altered the throttle cable run, or the engine mounts are getting a bit tired in older age.

What happens is that the engine moves, yanks the throttle cable, speeds up which makes the engine leap about in the mounts which yanks the cable again and so on.

Yes, I know it's crazy, but I had a Volvo garage do a cam belt on a car I once owned. The moron mechanic shoved the throttle cable out of the way to get at the job better, but left the cable outer in a tight run after doing the job. Putting the cable back where it came from restored normal service.

Kangarooing Sporty

It could be a blocked injector, try adding some injector cleaner to your next tank of fuel.

Sportrak - Low Rev Cutout - JERKY PULL OFF

I had the same problem on my LPG Converted Sportrak - at first i thought it was fuel starvation as i loaded the engine during pull off - but it started to happen on Petrol as well as LPG - i soon realised it was an ignition problem - so i replaced Cap Rotor Leads and Plugs - Guess what it still did it ???? so i then replaced the coil - THE PROBLEM WAS GONE - it was the coil breaking down under low revs and underload - Try Changing your HT Coil another problem can be the pickup in the Dizzy.

Distributor cap leaking

Thanks for all the replies... took it in to a mechanic to have a look at and apparenlty the distributor cap is leaking oil. Have you any idea how much this should cost to replace? Or best place to source one. I guess what I want to know is - will this cost me an arm and a leg!!!

Distributor cap

Distrib caps are nice and cheap and should be about £15-£18 depending where you buy one from. Could even be less. I would say replace the rotor arm aswell at the same time which would be another £4 and you should be able to replace these yourself! Which would save the expensive bit which would be the labour for a mechanic.

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oops - made a mistake

Sorry - it's not just the distributor cap but the distributor itself that is leaking.