Sportrack Using Oil


Just bought a 1990 Sportrack EL with 100K.

I've fixed a few small problems (Broken fuel pump, clogged fuel filter, etc) but still have one big problem...

It's using 1/2 litre of oil per tank of petrol with only a few minor leaks and no smoke and a perfectly clean air filter housing/carb.

I did find a large ball bearing (!) shoved down the front breather hose, which I removed. After adjusting the mixture and idle speed, she runs much better and pulls up hills in 5th!

That alone may solve the oil consumption, but I may need to replace some seals and gaskets.

I've read about rings and valve seals/guides, but with no smoke I can only hope it is the leaks, but with no puddles of oil?

Sportrack using oil

I'll also say the radiator is clean, no oil in the coolant.

It looks like removing the ballbearing in the front breather hose has solved the oil consumption, I've done another 100 miles and the oil is still up to the mark. Touch wood...