Catalytic converter


Hi Guys,

I need to replace the catalytic converter on my Terios 2001 to pass it's MOT, however, I am unable to trace a new part. Do you have any suggestions as to where I can get one or is there a way to sort my problem out?



The reason for contemporary

The reason for contemporary catylitic converter failures is excessive oil consumption. Since leaded fuel is no longer available, failure due to lead deposits can be ruled out, unless the vehicle was once registered in Japan and has arrived to Britain through Russia.
As the converter on my Diesel-powered vehicle clogged, I had the option of sending it in for high temperature cleaning. I don't know if such a method is available to petrol engine owners. But, this would be an idea to research on.
In any event, I would first solve any oil consumption issues. The smaller Daihatsu engines are notorious for varnished pistons and oil rings. The same could be true for the larger Terios engines.
If a new converter isn't available, I would see about obtaining a used one. If those are no longer available, I would then seek out a sport manifold of which the Americans call "Headers" (I forgot what the Brits, Kiwis ans Ausseys named them). Taping up the headers keeps exhaust gas hot enough for being processed in a converter of which is to be re-located to under the floor pan. Header tape also adds to performance