fed up


Hi guys, im so fed up at the moments with me sporty, I changed the rear springs today, What a task, every bolt was seized within the bush, so after grinding and cutting for a couple of hours the new one went on.
I've got to do the other side yet.
Thought while im underneath, i'll change the exhaust, the bolts were rounded, also head butted the hanger bit, so have a small but perfectly formed circle and bump on my head.
I also finish putting my cylinder head back on, only to find number 1 cylinder is still not doing anything, (it was number 4 originally, but i moved the valves and did some serious regrinding). serves me right for cutting corners. while setting the timing up, i pushed the car over its belt cover, crunch.
I just want to drive the thing, i just uprated the tyres, revamped the wheels, new springs, new exhaust. its getting frustrating.

I've always reckoned that to

I've always reckoned that to grind suspension/exhaust bolts straight off if they give you any grief is always preferable to swearing and grunting at it - only to find that the head will just shear off, anyway..That was in the days when you had to hire an angle grinder for the day, and not just get one for a tenner then chuck it.

There has been a few posts about sticky valves on these just lately, will have to remember to keep putting the additive in. Must be these supermarket fuels.

It'll all be worth it when you drive it, as all the work will be your own. I shall be under ours very soon, throwing a new transfer box at it after my attempts at a 4WD wheelspin went badly wrong.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Better day today

I found out the missfiring is electrical, no spark from number 1.
also does anyone know where the timing marks are as i think i may be a tooth out.

On the cam pulley I remember

On the cam pulley I remember seeing the F mark which, if like anything else, should be at the top when the block is at TDC. Obviously there will be a mark somewhere on the lower pulley - I can have a look in the manual sometime if you want.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty


Yes there is an F also there is a dot on the cam pully, dont know what that alighns to?
There is also a little mark on the crank pully which i got allighned with the gap in the cover.