Feroza hard starting at cold


Hello, just started to have a little bit of starting problem after the car sits overnight, this happens only on the first start.


Anybody having any ideea why is doing that? After it starts, its working and starting ok for the rest of the day... the weather have no impact (sunny/rain).

Things I have replaced and not solved the problem:

*fuel pump and fuel lines
*new distributor cap and rotor
*new fuel filter and air filter
*new HT and spark plugs

Checked the ignition coil and seems to be ok.
Checked the timing, it's on the marks.
There is no visible smoke or oil consumption when the engine is running.
Auxiliary air valve is operating, when the engine is cold the idling is about 1200 1400 rpm and after the engine has warmed is around 850 900 rpm.
Exhaust is clear, no obstruction.

Any ideea what to check next?

Thanks! Smile

Just found the problem, the

Just found the problem, the vacuum hoses from pressure sensor + presure sensor vsv were clogged, uncloged them and now starts and run perfect Smile