Charade 1997 1.5


Hi everyone

I have a Charade 1997 1.5 4 cylinders fuel injected engine; the car is going really well, the only problem that is bothering me is that rpm's are not stable at idle, even sometimes it looks like one of the cylinders is not working at all, could it be an injection problem?

The other problem is the oil consumption, it is using about 2 litres between oil changes, but it hasn't got any leaks and is not burning it, so I'm really intrigued' the car has good power and acceleration and the fuel consumption is excellent; I don't know what to blame.

The last thing is that my car is red and I have noticed a problem on every red Charade I have seen, doesn't matters how much care about the paint, it grows somthing as a white scales on top on a couple of weeks and made the paint looks very ugly, without shine and pink, does somebody knows a way to protect the paint or is it a factory mistake with the paint?

Thanks you all and have fun with your Daihatsu

Maybe a vacuum hose leaking,

Maybe a vacuum hose leaking, or a spark plug lead shorting out before the spark gets to the plug?

Try listening for the vacuum leak, and a plug lead shorting sounds like the electric ignition on a gas hob (click-click-click...). You might be able to see it if you look at the running engine in the dark, but do be careful of the moving parts!

It may be a clogged injector, try one of the many products available to put in the fuel tank and give it a good run.

I fixed my oil consuption problem after removing a large ball bearing someone had shoved down the vacuum hose that relieves the internal pressure of the engine. But then, I was using 1/2 litre between every fill-up!

Get advice on the paint. You need something to clean the oxidation off and something else to keep it from coming back.

Let us know what you find!