Extol Panel Van 2004


I took my van for an MOT and a brake overhaul. The garage rang this morning stating that the front brake Calipers are seized on one side, pads need replacing along with the discs. The rear brake shoes also need replacing. They contacted their suppliers but were unable to get any of the parts. I have rung many so called Extol parts suppliers but none so far can help. Does anyone know of a supplier that will have these items. I am awaiting a reply from Autojapspares who may have them. The van has been an excellent vehicle and it would be a shame to scrap it. I live in Scotland and last year had to have the same replaced on my Audi A4, the reason, too much salt on the roads, great!

Extol rear brake shoes

I am still having problems Getting rear brake shoes for my 2004 Extol. I ordered three sets and none fitted, 2 sets were too big and aparently fitted the Terios and the third were too narrow and too small. Has anyone else had this problem? If so can you recommend a supplier?

M J Young

Hello, I have been having

Hello, I have been having similar issues but was able to find the correct parts from Toyota, the Toyota Sparky in particular which is the same vehicle but rebadged, uses the same parts. Toyota and Daihatsu part number is 04495-97501 which was discontinued and replaced with 04495-B5060 the only ones I could find that seem to fit. Blueprint used to make them but have since been discontinued also

Radius 100
Width 35