F75 Headlamps


When driving at night a number of friends have commented about the poor quality of the F75's headlamps. I have checked the lamps and the correct halogens are fitted with the reflectors in good order. As I'm getting fed up with the comments each time I give a mate a lift I wonder if any of you have had a similar problem. Is there a way I can improve the headlamps other than fitting spots Unknw

I dont know if they're availa

I dont know if they're available in the UK, but I upgraded my 7 inch round headlights to the bling bling clear glass type. They have the reflector moulded with the different angles to disperse the light, rather than relying on the glass dispersing it, which in turn reduces the light output. I then fitted blue halogen bulbs, which emit a blue/white light, instead of the yellow/white of standard halogens.
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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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appalling lights

yeah well - i fitted decent spots to my vehicle which is great when they`re on - the whole road is blitzed by light, only trouble is when you have to dip due to oncoming vehicles its almost like putting the lights out completely. i tried to rectify, i put in some zenon 100/90 watt bulbs in the existing (square) headlight units but it didnt make much difference as the reflector quality is so bad - i reckon its a thing we`re stuck with

still the 4trak is a bloody good truck all-in isnt it?


I'll try the zenon bulbs but Wild you are right it is a bloody good truck. I let my mate drive it all over North Wales recently and he hasn't stopped asking me to sell it to him since. Apart from the usual problems with rusting wheel arches it's a great vehicle. Took it to France last year and had a good time on the Normandy roads. I suppose we shouldn't complain too much.

They are genrally crap, arn't

They are genrally crap, arn't they. You can always put uprated bulbs in. You can get various wattage bulbs from Halfords or such. The legal limit is 100watts per light. Halfords stock up to 90Watt low beem/130Watt high beem, (instead of the standard 55/60). Cheaper than spots, and quicker to fit.

If you have the round type lights, you could replace the whole units. Millners used to do a compleat replacment for around the £20 mark. Beter reflecter. The kit is for land rover, but land rover, mini, suzuki, bettle and many other headlights are the same standard size & fitting.

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