gearbox filler plug on Dreg 2.8d fortrack


after reading on this board about undoing a wrong plug to fill the box and something dropping off i am worried that i am goign to screw the box up by un doing the wrong thing. when lead underneith the car with my feet towards the engine and head towards the tank which side is the filler plug on. what is it next to and what size is the plug. as i am only 15 i dont fancy lifting that box out not like my other toy the suzuki.

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When lying as you describe, the oil filler is on the right hand side, assuming, of course, you are lying face up. It is a 24mm nut, about halfway between the rear of the bellhousing, and the crossmember mount. It is about 75mm up from the bottom of the gearbox. There should be 2 horizontal cast reinforcing pieces on the side of the box here too.
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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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