Just got myself a 1989 F70, and well pleased with it. My problem is that whilst stationery and without locking the hubs or driving I moved the transfer box lever through its positions ending up back in 2H. Now according to the book the 4WD light should stay on until you start to drive when it should change automatically and the light go out, well mine doesn`t.
Have I broken it already?


mines auto hubs and you have to reverse to get light to go out, but not sure about manual hubs try reversing a few feet and see if it works hope this helps.

My 1990 Sportrak with manual-

My 1990 Sportrak with manual-locking hubs behaves the same way.

The 4WD light goes out immediately upon selecting 2WD without moving the vehicle forward or backward, and with or without the hubs locked.

The 4wd light will go straigh

The 4wd light will go straight out if your just playing with the transfure lever without moving the car. The only reason the light stays on after you have selected 2wd is that although you have selected 2wd, the car is still in 4wd. That is becouse the linkeges will not disengage until you remove the presure put on them by driving in 4wd. You do this bye reversing up, bumping over a pavment, jacking a wheel off the flour, basicly anything which alows the transmition to unwind. Once the pesure is released the transfur goes into 2wd and the light goes out. As you have not moved your car, there is no transmition windup to releace so the light goes out streaght away.
I take it that as you say you didn't lock the hubs that they are manual? With manual hubs that are not locked in, there is no conection from the transfur box to the front wheels so there is no transmition wind up.

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4x4 light

Thanks everybody, proble sorted. Although the 4x4 light wont go out the transfer box is definitely in 2H. Must just have a dodgy switch somewhere. Mind you as my last motor was a Niva, dodgy electrics are a way of life.