Terios running too hot - or am I paranoid??


I live and work out in Gabon and recently bought a 2015 Terios to run around in - it's ideal for Africa if you don't want the shear bulk/ size of a Landcruiser etc.

My only concern with it is it seems to be running very hot.... after a decent run it usually smells very hot and the top of the bonnet is too hot to touch!

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but its alarming that it would be generating so much heat the top of the bonnet gets so hot. Hopefully somebody can reassure me "that's normal, mine does that too". There is no temp gauge so I don't get a good grasp of what the temperature is really doing. The red High temp warning light has not come on (assuming it is working ok) and it's not boiling over.

Parts/ maintenance is a nightmare out here. Are there any more basic checks I could do?

Done so far:
The top and bottom rad hose get hot so presumably the water is circulating round ok.
There's no oil in the water or visa versa.
As far as I can make out the fan does not come on automatically, it does however run ok when I have the AC on (almost all the time).

Thanks in advance!