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just hope things not come in 3s ......just fixed me wheel wobble problem n pleased to say me teeth stoped chaterin Wink right to the point went to leave work this eve stuck me key in ignition orange light went out turned her over n wow white smoke n no start up. eventianly started up after holding the key for bout 30 secs. but after startin kept hearin a clicky noise from under bonnet. this did seem to go after a short while. any helpful responce much welcomed (all this disel stuff new to me)managed to get truck home. no probs at all whilst engine hot only in the cold it seems to play up, yep just been out n tried gain n white smoke fillin the air!!!!!!!!!!!


Check your earth straps ar in good clean condition, as it sounds like the car has an earthing prob, or live wire earthing out somewhere, the white smoke may be your starter lead or glowplug lead getting red hot, burning the insulation. Or failing that, it may be a starter fault

Where was the white smoke fro

Where was the white smoke from? Exhaust? And is it cold over there at the moment? If you answered yes to both, then its actually a blue/white smoke, and its a glowplug problem. One or more have failed, and are not preheating the fuel (well, combustion chamber actually). The clicking you hear from under the bonnet is the glowplug relay, trying to heat the glowplugs. Its under the small black plastic cover, on the right hand side, between the battery and the inner mudguard (wing) Get them checked at an auto electrician.
Once the motor has started, then, of course, there is no need for the relay to operate. One of the temp sensors near the thermostat housing detects this, and bypasses the relay.
Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt, and

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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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