wobbly wheel on top of every thing else !!!


i have a wobbly wheel on the nearside front , not of the wheel bearing kind.....more like its not on right ( which it is ive checked! ) iits slow and deliberate ( like a buckled bike wheel ) rather than vibration type shake......does any one have any ideas please Unknw
have had the tracking checked at a fast fit tyre place and they said it was ok Scratch one-s head

If it wobbles at slow speed o

If it wobbles at slow speed on a smooth road (a rarity these days!) it could be a deformed or unevenly worn tyre, a bent wheel (all of which can be checked by having it re-balanced and asking them to check for run-out), a bent axle, or the inner/outer wheel bearings.

If it wobbles on rough roads it could be worn steering linkage, pivot joints or shock.