Sticking caliper??


Under braking my E-reg 4trak F75 has just started to sometimes pull to the left.
Can anything be done with the caliper, or will I have to get a recon?

The calipers are easy to work

The calipers are easy to work on....once off the vehicle they are straight forward to strip down and your self a bundle and do it your self ...its no problem.

If it's pulling to the left,

If it's pulling to the left, then you have a lazy R/H caliper, do that one first.

Instead of stripping it down, first try and free it up a bit. Get one of those quick release G clamps from B & Q or wherever, then remove the caliper - but keep the hose on. Remove the cap from the fluid resovior as well, and tie a piece of rag around it to contain any spills.
Press the pedal until the piston moves out (Not to much or it'll pop out altogether), then use the clamp to force it back in. Do this a few times, then bleed the system.

If the Fourtrack is the same as the Sportrak it will be a 'floating' caliper - meaning that there is only one piston per unit. If it aint, simply do the other one as well.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

If it's a floating caliper, p

If it's a floating caliper, presumably it slides on exposed (or maybe boot protected) rods (pins, bolts, whatever they're called) which are liable to collect grunge or rust. Thus the pad without a piston wouldn't move to press against the disc. Might be worth cleaning the external parts first and making sure the caliper's free to slide before stripping it further.

Just a thought...