Yes, this is abut one Daihatsu Sirion type M300 with 4WD and a 1.3 ltr motor.
The VIN-number is: JDAM311SY01000147.

I have tried different so called "smart and easy solution's" to do this. I have been into the to see and try what they have advised me to do, but that has not helped me.
I have a lot of tools and the right tools to do this type of job, but it seems to me to be quite hard to do.

Remember, what is issue with this... It is a four wheel drive, so the HUB with the bearing and the drive-shaft is "locked" in one unit...

I do have a lot of workshop/service repair manuals at home of the Sirion (even the part-catalogue), but I cannot find anything in the manual on how to replace the bearing inside of this un-removeable HUB, with the shaft and bearing inside of it, on a four wheel drive-car, that I have.

I have change/replaceed many bearings on cars in my long life-time, but this is giving me a "hard time".
Is it so, that I have to remove all of the rear axle on my car? Is that one way to lead me to a solution? I do not know...

I do also have one other Daihatsu Sirion, it is a M100, with 4WD, 3 cylinder, 1.0 motor, inside of my garage as well. I have been thinking... Is it possible to "swoop" the whole rear axle between these two cars. will that help for the Sirion M300-car Unknw Will there be a problem with the eventually "inside speed" of the axle from the Sirion M100-car to the M300-car. Are the 4WD on the rear axle the same? Do they have the same part-number?
Unfortunately, I do not have the the manual and the part-catalogue for the 4WD Sirion cars...

Hope that somebody can look into this, and I thank you in advance !
Mr. Lasse E., from Norway

By the way, I use to have an nearly new Daihatsu Charade 3-cyl. car. That is gone now long time ago, but I do have an old old original factory repair-manual-book in my book-shelf for this car in my garage. I am thinking of scanning that book (one day) into many .pdf-files-pages. Is that interesting for the Daihatsu-club to have in their "stock" Unknw Just asking !...