Daihatsu Sirion Clutch KIT



Can anyone please help me find the part# of the clutch kit for my manual 2006 Daihatsu Sirion Unknw

I would like to buy it myself and then take the part to a mechanic to be installed because last time I have the clutch replaced it was obviously not genuine as it lasted only about 3 years.

The car is only 1000cc and does not really have the power to destroy a clutch in such a sort while

Here are the details of my car:

Vehicle_maker Daihatsu Sirion

Vehicle_model M300

Vehicle_chassis_no JDAM300S001007410


Vehicle_year 2006

Vehicle_engine_model 1KR-FE 1000cc

The car is exactly the same with Toyota Passo and Subaru Justy

Are there any options better than the original Unknw as I would like not to deal with this again soon

If you drive the vehicle

If you drive the vehicle properly, you should never need to replace the clutch plate.
Elderly persons are capable of destroying the clutches of even underpowered vehicles. If you have bought your Sirion from one of those, that would more than likely be the answer to your clutch problems.
I would visit a Subaru dealership and then buy your clutch from them, after having inspected both friction surfaces for possible excessive wear. The opportunity to replace the release bearing should be taken advantage of, since elderly persons could tend to abuse this bearing, while holding the clutch pedal depressed at traffic lights. To not replace this bearing during clutch disassembly would be to practice false economy