Daihatsu Atrai 7


Hi all, I've just joined the Club and note there's not too much about the Atrai 7.
I own two of these at the time of writing - One on the road which is now only a 5 seater (the rear two seats did not come with the vehicle) and is the 2 wheel drive version. A more luxurious (?) version of a previously owned Suzuki Carry. I am the first UK owner of this 2003 vehicle.
I have just imported from Guernsey and am going through the maze of form filling to register this vehicle with the DVLA. It is also 2003, but is the 4 wheel drive version and when it is MOT'd and issued with a V5C Log Book I will SORN it and advertise it for sale.Absolutely ideal for manoeuvering and great for our Devon (and possibly Cornish!) lanes. Auto, Air Con, Electric windows reliable engine - it must be related to the Carry I mentioned as their engines too are supremely dependable
The latter has about 110,000 miles on the clock. My biggest problem with these imports is, as noted elsewhere, Insurance - whether its designated Sparky or Atrai most insurers give you the cold shoulder and I hope to follow through suggestions gleaned from this Club. 29.08.2023

New to atrai7

hi just got an atrai7 but not new to the import world, how'd you get on with the insurance? i went with greenlight through my car club to get a discount.