Hello , I'm Jacintha and I'm 23 and I'm from the Netherlands!
I have my Daihatsu Cuore (1997) only two weeks,
but I love him already.

First I had a Opel Corsa (1985) and a
Fiat Punto (1994)
both nice cars...

And now a Cuore!!! Wink

In the Netherlands there an not a lot off clubs...

So I'm glad I found you....

My English is not very good, butt I'll try to
write a little , but I can read it better...

Well,I hope I have told a few things about me...


As the owner of a small Daiha

As the owner of a small Daihatsu derivative (Perodua Nippa/Kancil), welcome!

These 4x4 off road guys are pretty polite. (Well, they haven't laughed at mine yet!)