Rocky ( aka Fourtrak ) 1986 F85 3Y workshop manuals


Dear all,

I hope some of the kind folk who answered me back in 2012 (!) are still here and doing ok !

I am after the Daihatsu workshop manuals for my Rocky . Does anyone have any leads?

I downloaded one a long time back ( I think via links here ) but it is only the index!

I tried one of the pdf sellers that one finds on google but they provided the wrong one and I got a refund.

I understand that there is one which covers the F85 ( it’s reference is FE-8407-W1) and there is ( or are ) separate ones for the 3Y engine ( I see refs 9062-FE and 3YE-8406-W1 , I’m not sure of these ).

Any help is gratefully received and thanks for looking.