Fourtrak electrics cutting out


Meeting a starting difficulty, with my usually reliable Fourtrak.

It feels to me that this is an intermettent relay, or fusible, cut-out, after standing in the damp, unused, for two months.

When I try to start, I'm getting the solenoid click, then the ignition, dash, lights and all electrics, go dead. Dash lights, and functions like wipers and electric windows, may come back on, after 30 min - 2 hours.

This is not a problem with the glow-plug relay, which has been set up separately by the last owner. I wonder if there is another general relay which is malfuncioning. The full factory manual also talks about the fusible - I don't understand what this is, and where it is.

Thank you. The fourtrak starts perfecftly, from towing, because that's not activating the starter motor solenoid supply. It then runs perfectly, with all dash lights, after tow-starting.