Atrai 7 a few questions


Hello, I recently acquired an Atrai 7 1.3 litre mini MPV. I don't know the exact year but guess it to be early 2000s. It is an import from Japan that was sold by a dealer in Guernsey to a previous owner, now deceased. As far as I can tell, it has a lot in common with the Extol van of the same period.

So, to the questions.

1.The rear exhaust pipe has broken off at the back end of the large silencer box. I'm having difficulty finding a rear pipe for this model. Is it available outside Japan? Will an Extol or other back box fit? Would I be better to try and get it welded back together?

2. It runs fairly well but the tickover is high and after it has warmed up, the engine surges somewhat at idle. It is showing a check engine light on the dash. I have tried plugging in a basic code reader, which powers up and runs, but am getting a communication error. I've not yet checked the OBD port with a meter. As this is a 16 pin connector, can I just assume that my code reader should work, or is it not a standard OBD2 setup?

3. Failing any success with the fault code reading, would it be reasonable to assume the broken back pipe might be causing the exhaust sensors to produce a check engine fault display?

Any help on the above and any good tips for this model would be greatly appreciated.