Radiator fan melted


I have Daihatsu Boon Luminas with 1.5ltr 3sz-ve engine, radiator fan turn on at engine coolent temperature reaches 98 celsius, Is this normal Unknw can i take it back to set at 85c...?
When AC is on coolent temperature operates at 87c because fan is on most of the time, fan motor fan disconnected(Melted) due to overheating of fan motor, this has happened twice now even after replacing fan motor, why fan motor keep on overheating...Im living at sri lanka normally these days here its very hot, what seems to be the issue...Radiator & condenser fins can see pass through no bloackage as such.... now awfraid to turn on AC specially at a stop since fan motor is over heating ...checked regulator voltage at runing,no abnormalities observed,it varied between 13.8 to 14.1 V, 1st replaced brand new fan burned after 1 year of usage at the same fan fin melted & disconnected ,but 30A fuse didnt blow, next i replaced the fan & motor with a second hand one,which is also over heating...does this car having a fan switch to turn on fan or ECU do this at coolent temp.reach at 98 C?
please help.


What have you been using for

What have you been using for replacement fan motors? There is plenty of rubbish being sold in the aftermarket for replacement bits. I would try an original used Japanese only fan motor from a different brand such as from either a Toyota or Suzuki.
As far as coolant temperature is concerned, the thermostat itself should start opening at 82°C. A 16°C difference between normal operating temperature and fan activation sounds somewhat high to me. Of course, I could be wrong. In a hot country like Sri Lanka, I suppose it couldn't hurt to adjust the fan relay to open at a lower temperature