Daihatsu Extol. Engine Manag3pement light.


I stupidly added E10,fuel and yes the above ignited. I dis this before and then the light went out wh3n I filled up with E5. Unfortunately this time the light remained on. I added Redex cleaner to the fuel but the light remaind on. I disconnected the battery and then reconnected and on starting the light remained off but came on again when I restarted. I took the van for an MOT pointing out the problem and it passed although the light was on and mentioned on the MOT.

I used my diagnostic tool and cleared the fault but again on restart the light ignited. I re-diagnosed the van and a Lamda heat error showed as a fault. It turned out that the pre cat Lamda Sensor had a fault so I obtained a new replacement, £24.89 and replaced the sensor which was a five minute job using my garage pit. I diagnosed the van again and no fault was showing and the engine management light remains off In addition the van seems to rum smoother..