I just got insurance for my fourtrak for £ 124.00 !!!!!! FANTASTIC!


hI gUYS,
DUNNO IF THIS IS ANY HELP TO FOURTRAK OWNERS IN THE UK....but i have just had an amazing quote for my fourtrak 2.7 el on a g plate (1990 ) Blum 3

(after a heck of a lot of shopping around !)

So am a very happy bunny! Smile

If anyone wants the details and how i managed to get it , gis a shout!!

( least i could do after all the help i have had from this site !!

my 124 quid insurance !

only a demon buys a lemon!
I got put onto these guys by a mate (also living in Devon) who found them at the back of a 4x4 mag.
company is "secure direct"
the guy who i dealt with is Craig Stanley .
Number is 0870 366 7439
i told him i belong to a four wheel drive club ( you get discount....but he will ask you which club.)
i also went for limited mileage of 3k.
told him my occupation was "house Husband "
D.o.b ...mid 1960's

got introductory offer of £124.00 3rd party f & t ( full comp was only about 180 quid ! )

The bloke is a star!! really works hard to find the best quote!

Apparently it bumps up yer premium if you put down "student" for occupation, and i guess living in rural devon helps....BUT 800 Quid !!???? BLIMEY !!

by the way......that also covers me for green laning , with protected no claims bonus !!

Mine is an f75 2.7 el turbo long wheel base.

hope that helps...let me know how you get on !

only a demon buys a lemon!