elecric fan


eyup all
ive been running my f75 with out a cooling fan for two weeks now and havent experienced any overheating!
has anyone fitted an electric fan from a car/fwd Unknw im looking for a cheap alternative to the kenlowe.
ive used a peuguot fan on a suzuki before but it didnt like being submerged in muddy water!

p.s i run the heater constant as ive removed the rear roof. it looks better as a truck Wink

I fitted a fan kit from merli

I fitted a fan kit from merlin motorsport about 3 years ago it cost £100 this is thermostatically controlled and it has only come on once in 40000 miles and that was a blistering hot day in london traffic so my advice would be to run with out any fan if you dont intend doing much commuting although for offroad work you will need a fan as there is not the wind chill factor at the much slower speeds being achieved