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Hi! I just aquired a 93-k reg sportrak elxi, its got a lot of miles on the clock (apprx 104000m) but i knew the previous owner and its been well maintained (if a little abused)To be honest i was a little doubtful about keeping it, thinking that it will guzzle fuel, and with a 1.6 petrol engine be too heavy and perform badlyy, and be horrible to drive and in general just be a pain in the butt, but boy have i changed my mind!!! Within a second of sitting behind the wheel the word fun just would not leave my head! I've never driven a 4x4 on the road before and i totally enjoyed it, the height was great giving a better view all around the turning circle is pretty good too, cornering at speed was a little tricky and was pretty much the only thing that was there to remind me that i was driving a 4x4 and not a car! i cant wait to do some proper off roading, but there is some minor work i would like to do before i really put it through its paces. COuld anyone suggest a good place to source parts and maybe get some work done in the surrey uk area? i would appreciate the help cos now i have it i wanna keep it for a long while;)

In the links pages, there are

In the links pages, there are several parts dealers, such as Milners and Birmingham 4x4 spares - and I have had excellent service from both, especially the latter as I get stuff by mail order mostly.

Always a good idea to keep an eye on Ebay as well.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Sporty spares

I live in M/side and have had first class service from woodford motor company, KEN BESWICK,they are listed in the parts dealers section. Also will post spares to you.
Hope this helps.