Turbo Light


HI can anyone tell me if the turbo kight on the dash of a fourtrak is supose to on all the time.
If not wot could the problem be as mine is on from starting the car to stopping it.
any info thanx


The turbo light should only come on at around 2500 rpm. If its on all the time check the wiring first..ensure continuity by using a meter.How old is your trak Unknw I suggest you dont attempt a repair yourself on the turbo charger unless you really know what your doing..its easy to damage it.There are a number of things that could be wrongfaulty wiring ...faulty injectors...problems with inlet and outlet exhaust ports etc.You could always get it checked out at a dealer or take it to a specialst ..I know its money but if you want the turbo functioning properly..you may want to consider this.

my turbo light comes on befor

my turbo light comes on before i start the engine and goes of when started but doesnt come on again when driving not even if reved round to 4000