car stereo gremlins!!!!


:help:Well, i have just attempted to fit my first car stereo in my sportrak elxi.... needless to say it didnt go well i wired up all four speakers running the wires behind body panels and under carpet only to find that there are no obvious wires for power, and the stereo doesnt even fit in the space provided!:O Is there any way of getting hold of a wiring diagram and a facia for the stereo bay on the dash? thanks in advance

Stereo fascia

Hi there
Ive got a fourtak & had the same problem a huge hole in the dashboard where the original stereo was taken out. You have to get a fascia from the main Daihatsu dealer. I paid £18 for mine.
Hope this helps.

stereo gremlins

thanks! ;)its a bit of a relief to know theres a way of getting hold of a fascia, ive also been told how i can wire up the stereo too so its not all lost! Smile

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