is their a GOD!!!!!!


Caw i musta been a real bad en in me former life!!!!!!ad a problem with hard startin n lots smoke from me tracky 2.8 earlier in week n thanks to guys who tried to advise me thumbs up to you . read back pages in here on problems and got to thinkin it me glow plugs.well turns out yep they were shot. so bought new set n fitted, truck started no probs but still got lots white blue smoke on start up.the new glow plugs i got are (champion CH121)are these the right ones. gotta sort this smoke stuff out or the POLLUTION POLICE or rather the neighbours gonna kill me.many fanks from a rather smokey woody ..........

Yes, there is a GOD, but he p

Yes, there is a GOD, but he prefers to go by his other name,,,,,


Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt, and

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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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hello god

please fergive me FER ME SINS!!!!!!!!!!n is it right glow plugs i got????????????

is their a GOD!!!!!!

OHHHHHH my GOD that all i need shims n ed gasket!!!!!!!!!! think yaself lucky JA my tracky blowin smoke lot more than 20 secs but thanks for the sleepless nights i gonna av now Wink

God (Ollieo)

Have your injectors checked or try a liquid cleaner in with your diesel first. Normally burning of white smoke is an injection problem.

To quote my sig on a related

To quote my sig on a related forum:

Said Ross, "There is no God."
And God replied, "Not in peak traffic there ain't, mate." - Ben Elton, Gridlock.

Hope this helps


their aint no GOD the peeps m

their aint no GOD the peeps must fink when they sat behind me in that traffic wid all me blue white smoke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is their a GOD!!!!!!

cripes i know it pretty cold out side at mo but someone please go out n av look to see if i got right GLOW PLUGS champion CH121 cuz this dam tracky still smokin bad on start up!!!!!!!! so bad infact i thinkin n know this is swearin in here but gotta say i think might go back to me CLEAN SMOKELESS (((((SJ 413 SAMURAI)))) Biggrin