Daihatsu Sportrack 1989 Head Gasket Replacement


Does anyone know of any problems/recommendations to replacing the head gasket on a Daihatsu Sportrack petrol 1.6 16v?
Mine is using water and blowing steam out of the exhaust.
I think I have caught the problem early as the engine has only got warm, not too hot and used a couple of pints of water only so hoping the head is ok.
I would like to know if the Head Bolts need repacing as well as the gasket?

Head gasket

No need to replace the bolts, But as you had an overheating prob, i would invest the £25 to get it re-skimmed. While your there may be an idea to replace the valve guides and get the valves re-ground, saves doing it again down the line.

Head Gasket

Cheers w0z27 I can now sleep soundly.