Dodgy Brakes on Sporty


I found a way, to improve them brakes, even after youve bleed the brake and adjusted the rear brakes.
When you fit the front pads, you'll notice lots of squel shims, and 2 clips, top and bottom.
I removed one of the clips from each pad, which inturn allows the pad to move within the caliper housing freely.
What was happening, Is the pad is getting stuck at the top and bottom parts of the pad, making the pad bend like a bannana, causing extreme piston movement, which in turn causes long pedal travel.
After i resolved this, I removed the pad holder and got a file in there to really clean the surface up, put all the clips and shims back in place, bobs your uncle, job done. works perfect.

yes this idea certainly works

yes this idea certainly works, i also had the same idea and removed both the top and bottom guide shims and the brakes were 10 times better, the only thing i would also recomend is to put a tiny smear of copperslip grease where the guides were to prevent rusting and give a little slip

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