contemplating a hijet


I want to trade my newish Peugeot 206 for a Hijet 6-seater as this model seems ideal and economical to transport my small grandkids and a couple of adults. Info seems hard to come by. I want a late model - when were they last made? Will it fit in my garage - what is the overall height? And are there any drawbacks? Hijet (EFI?) owners please advise.


i bought a hijet last year, and have never looked back. it is so versatile and the running costs are much less than similar cars. i took mine across france last year in searing heat and it never flinched. must be honest though, it's not the smoothest of rides as the driver's seat is right over the front axle. i just go very slowly over speed bumps now!

i think they made them up to feb 2004. i have a brouchure which gives the vehicle height as 187cm. they have a 1300cc engine and i get about 40mpg. one other thing; if you want a radio in the car, make sure you get one with the floor mounted central radio console already installed as this is not standard equipment and costs over £200 from daihatsu!

let me know if you have any further questions.

on personal experience

I have a 999cc 1996 hijet efi panel van and I'm sorry to say I wouldn't recommend it. The engine is woefuly underpowered. The van is very cheaply manufactured by piagio but spares are very expensive if you can't obtain them from the local motor factors.

Lots of the parts are dealer only parts and are manufactered with lots of components on the one part which means you have to buy the whole unit instead of just say a the cheaper option of a brake shoe (rear brake pads, for example, have the adjustment etc. all riveted onto the brake shoe)

I don't know if the newer versions are any better... Also, servicing manuals are very hard to come by and Haynes don't make one for the Hijet. This makes servicing yourself a bit more difficult.