Steering Wheel Change


Hi, would like to put a smaller than original steering wheel on my "baby" (F70). Does anyone know where I can get a boss to fit this model (1985).

An Australian company, SAAS,

An Australian company, SAAS, makes them for the F series. The boss number is 155. i have one on mine. They are about AU$60. Try dropping them an email, you may be able to buy direct from them.
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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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steering wheel boss

thanks for the info. will try them. I totally agree with the other comment, just started off-roading myself rather than as a passenger, in my 50's and thoroughly enjoying. Do you have their web address save me searching for hours.

sportrak steering wheel

what sort of price are you asking please include postage costs. I am in north cornwall.

Steering wheel

Hi There

Is your Sportrak steering wheel still for sale?

Just bought a Sporty and it's got a nasty wheel of some Gti on it. Big reg GTI logo on the front! argghhh

I am in essex so let me know what postage it would be too