Sportrak Water pump location


I have recently had problems with overheating and a garage has fitted a new water pump . Problem is I can't see anything particularly new under the bonnet , so my question is where should I be looking to see my the new pump ?!
Any help is appreciated

John, The water pump on the

The water pump on the Sportrak is tucked away behind the Timing Belt, this would have been a good time to change the timing belt.

I would have had the belt changed anyway as I don't like the idea of refitting these. More often than not a broken timing belt is terminal on an older car. I have just changed mine because I don't know the history of my Sporty, the old belt way very suspect and at 80k miles is probably an orginal item.

Thanks , I've now seen it ! A

Thanks , I've now seen it ! Actaully the garage did say they reckoned it has had a new timing belt recently so hopefully I'm covered on that one. Thanks for your reply