Here's a problem that i can't seem to solve, i wonder if any of you can? I went off road last week nothing to daring and when i got back on the road this problem occured. my rev counter stoped working i have no ignition lights, no heaters and the dial on the dashboad shows no charge also the rear heated window doesnt work. verything else is ok and although i have no ignition lights and its showing discharge on the volt meter it is still charging. i have checked the fuses and they are all ok. now i need some advice all te best jeff

earth connections.

I suspect an earth connection from the engine to the bodywork has been damaged or become corroded. If you have a wiring diagram find the vehicles earthing points and check/clean them. The vehicle's bodywork is negative [-] and connects to the battery. Positive [+] charge passes through the electronics to bodywork/battery [-]. Any break and it wont light/run/etc.