Anybody know anything about this little car ?, apparently it's 600cc so should be cheap to run !!

I'm just about to pay for one

I'm just about to pay for one! They're 659cc with turbo and intercooler, officially rated at 64ps (Japan's equivalent of bhp, about 62-63hp) to get into the Kei class (low tax band) of cars. But realistically they are meant to have something like 75-80hp from stock, the sports Keis have been fiddling the figures for years. They are much faster than the 1.0 Cuores, the 1.0L engine is used here I think because proper 660cc Kei engines are expensive to produce and we don't have a special 660cc tax band. The models go as so:

Classic: 3 Cylinder EF-RL, 4WD (5 door L512S with cool retro styling, super rare)
TR-XX: 3 Cylinder EF-RL, FWD (3 door L502S)
TR-XX R: 4 Cylinder JB-JL, FWD (3 door L502S)
TR-XX R4: 4 Cylinder JB-JL, 4WD (3 door L512S)

EF-RL is more torquey but I think JB-JL is a bit faster! Both rated at 64ps, I'd imagine the JB-JL has a slight bit more power (in their true output, not the factory fiddled ones). The chassis code is based on whether they have 4WD or not, L502S is FWD, L512S is 4WD. Avanzato I think means the sports interior with the cheesy seats, TR-XX I've no idea but it makes for a nice sticker above the sideskirt. Most UK models have the standard Cuore bumpers which look stupid as they sit higher than the low sideskirt they added to it. I think they did Cuore bumpers at first then changed later to sporty Mira ones? Also could be that the nicer bumpers were an option? Mine has got the boring ones but they'll be getting changed.

Anyone else know anything?

cuore / mira / avanzato

Thanx 4 the info ... it appears to be similar to the info I have found out ( as my name suggests, I have the 'rare retro' version, which is the MOST fun this side of an Audi TT !!) .
I have an official Dealer Manual for the Cuore, but the 659cc engine is only mentioned briefly, and if a NON TURBO'd "Australia Only" model !
My local dealership Parts Dept has been very helpful, and I now have a comprehensive list of Part Numbers ( you have to give them your Chassis / engine no. plus the parts you are interested in & they fax the request off to the Importers ...)
A contact of mine will shortly have a Website up & running with lots of info - specifically for the Classic Turbo, but underneath they are all related!!
I will post a link when it's ready !


:)Ive owned '99 Mira Classic for nearly 3 years. Has chrome bumpers,and side mirrors presumably this is what one person has called 'retro'. I bought it from a main dealer, knowing that it was rare. Since then I've not been able to find out anything about it and have never seen another like it, though i have seen the avanzato. The car is very fast for its engine size and is good to drive, its looks are cutesy, but thats what seems to get to BMW and merc drivers. Anyone have any idea what it is worth (I dont want to sell) I am newly registered, have never joined any forum before.So I apologise if not following any protocol.

Avanzato TR-XX R4 front bumpers

The first batch to be imported under the SVA rules had to have alot of mods to pass, including lights, glass and bumpers (Daihatsu had to fork out over 3000ukp per car) to bring them up to European spec. The next batch VOSA just waived through, hence the difference.

Larger Front Bumpers


Just been trawling thru EBAY again, and managed to come across a link for a larger 1998 Avanzato front bumper. I actually found it by typing in Cuore incorrectly as Coure!

My Avanzato already had this exact one fitted, so naturally i dont need it.


Buy it now price is £200 from Germany(???!) But hey, if you want it, its there!

I'm actually looking for a Daihatsu garage/specialist who has seen
the avanzato before? Anyone know of a garage near them that has the knowledge!?


Cuore Blimey!

mira costs

I have Mira Classic. If I dont go over the top acceleration wise, and am reasonably sensible ( this can be hard) on long runs I have obtained 53mpg, short runs are about 38. I've averaged 42mpg over all the miles I have done in 3 years, and am sad enough to keep records. Insurance though was more of a problem, I'm 48, full no claims, and its on group 6 with underwriters permission, and Tescos did insure me, however I couldnt get any other quotes at all to try and compare. Was £280. Ive insured Group 14 cars cheaper. Insurance aside, the cars great, its been totally reliable, and can recommend it.

Good choice!

I got one of these Smile Its a top care for super cars girls on a budget. Stole it from my boyfiend and he not getting it back LOL

660cc Turbo charged, Intercooler, 16v, Twincams, 4x4

It beats most cars from the light i can get 0-60 in about 6 or 7secs
I get about 40mpg which is good for a Turbo nutter!

Offical UK models got the horrible short bumper. Something to do with UK regulations on fog light size. It was earlier limited imports that had to nice big one. On the plus side the offical UK model should have no Turbo BHP limit in the ECU.

I've put nice 14" Compomotive alloys on mine with 175 wide tyres which go right to the edge and are just barely MOT legal. Im looking to lower it so if anyone can recommend a suspension kit that fits the L512 model let me know please Smile

re Avanzato lowering springs

Hi there Avanzato Girl, good to see someone else who's been bitten by the Avanzato bug! I've owned mine (L512) since it was 6 months old, and six years down the line am still lovin' every drive in it!!

My one has the larger front bumper (Here's some old pics of my car: http://uk.photos.yahoo.com/bc/mjm160380)

As far as lowering your car goes, most of the suspension kit available is from Japan. I ordered a lowering kit (just springs) from a company called Palsports (http://www.palsports.co.jp/index_top.html), but you need to be good at reading japanese or get it translated lol

I had them fitted to my car not too long ago and found they made a significant difference(in a good way)to the handling. Less pitching and diving when entering corners at speed, but obviously the ride was harder, which is partly why I took them off (the other reason is beacause I'm selling it Sad ). I shall be selling the springs soon if your interested. Smile