problem wit 4x4 !!


hi there
i have a feroza el 1993.
when i put in 4x4 i here noises from the front wheels and the vhacle seems like it's breaks on' it also turn to the right side.
waht is the problem and how can i fix it?
thanks for your help..

Caliper. & steering mechanisms.

I suspect that a front brake caliper is stuck onto a brake disc. Securely jack up the front wheel [support on axle stands - car's jack is not good enough], remove front wheel[s], look at the brake caliper where it clamps the brake disc. Is the caliper locked onto the disc ... you will probably need a screwdriver to test if its loose but be careful not to damage the caliper. If in doubt remove the caliper and check if it will slide into its housing. If its stuck then the caliper will need to be remove for maintenance.
Also take a look at the steering. Are the ball joints and track rod ends in good working order?