4x4 not working HELP ME


I have a fourtrack 2.8td 1989 which I have had since august 04. All has been well untill 1 day when I was towing my horse trailer out of a very muddy field, when the four-wheel drive decided not to work (not the best time to not work). I had to get a tractor to get me out, very embarasing as I am always going on about my tank being a great tow vehicle. Its still not working and wondering if anyone knows what the problem maybe? It drives like its in 4wd i.e slowly but the light does not come on on the dash and the front tyres spin. (not good i think) Had someone look at it and they think it could b a sensor prob on the gearbox but not sure.

Is yours a push button 4wd. I

Is yours a push button 4wd. Ie, 4wd button on dash, with 2H-N-4L on the transfer case lever, or 2H-4H-N-4L on the shifter. If its the former, then its probably a solinoid or vacumn line problem, which someone else on the forum should be able to help you with.
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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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Hiya thanks for your comments but mine is a power shift version with the button on the dash.


I may be wrong but if the front tyres spin surely 4 wheel drive must be working as 2wd drives the rear tyres

If the front wheels are spini

If the front wheels are spining, then it's in four wheel drive. What I would find worrying is if both front wheels are spining, but the rear wheels are not. Putting her into 4wd directs 50% powere to each axle. The diffs in the axles still do there jobs as if on road. So if your stuck, one rear & one front wheel (the ones with least traction) will be spining together, whils't the other 2 remain stationary.

One way to beat this (without modyfiing your car with fidle breackes/locking diffs) is to give the engine lots of revs, and then jab the foot break on and off a few times. This can reduce the spine of the 2 sliping wheels, transfuring power to the stationary ones (a very rudimentery traction control). Also spining the stearing from one lock to the other and back again repeatedly sometimes helps.

However the best cure for stuckymuddy syndrom is decent off road tyres. Just on the back possibly, if you only go into feilds to retrive horseboxs.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.


Hello people thanks for your advise but I had it wrong its the back wheels that spin not the front. I just got confused. Thanks for comments but the 4wd is def not working as I drove it up a pile of stone that had been delivered to the farm to see how far I wld get and to try spin the wheels. They did not spin. while up the stones the farmer looked underneath, he reckons it was a sensor problem on the gearbox as it is going in to 4L but its not registering electronicly if that makes any sense.


might be worth checking underneath to see if the driveshafts are turning as it could be that your hubs are not locking. ie if front shafts are turning then it will be the hubs not working, all the best mark.