Fourtrak probs.


I used my F70 in anger for the first time yesterday and was well impressed, except for: Bash plates that are too low and an enormous turning circle, can anything be done about the steering? Additionally the gear lever was sloppy when I got it but on the way home first and second were almost impossible to select, although double declutching helps and also the brake pedal was almost to the floor. Any ideas for solutions to these problems would be welcome.

Which bash plate is too low?

Which bash plate is too low? The transfer case one? If so, then you can remove it. If you leave it on, as I have, then drill a heap of holes in it below where the two large holes are in the crossmember, to you can easily flush out the member. Otherwise, it will fill with mud and will eventually rust out. The other splash plates around the engine can also be easily removed.

The shifting in 1st and 2nd may well be the gearbox mainshaft nut. Do a search for the fix. Additionally, it may be a worn nylon sleeve on the end of the gearstick, or I think there is also a pair of half moon nylon seats that the ball on the stick sits in. These can wear too.

The steering can be adjusted. Look at the rear of the swivel housing, where the seal is. You will see the 2 half moon plates that hold the seal in place. They are held in place by 4 bolts each. There is a 5th bolt, with locknut, on one of them. This is the steering stop. Adjust this inwards for more turning, or alternatively, remove it completely. However, your inner sidewalls of your front tyres will then foul on your suspension.

The rear brakes tend to wear pretty fast when in mud. They are pretty easy to adjust, through the elongated hole in the backing plate. They are fitted with automatic adjusters, but I found them less that perfect, and ended up removing them.

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