Sportrak Sump


Looks like I've lost a big end bearing in the engine of my 1990 Sportrak EL.

Can the sump pan be removed to inspect the crankshaft and connecting rod bearings, without removing the engine from the vehicle?

Just ordered a replacement en

Just ordered a replacement engine, including carb and intake/exhaust manifolds, from Japanese Spares. They say it came from Japan and only has 43K miles, but I'll believe that when I see it.

It should cost £400 once VAT and delivery is added on. :cry:


Thats not a too bad price really, Toying with an idea of a transplant, I like the sound of a toyota engine, or even a 1.7 turbo diesel izuzu engine found in astras etc.

That Izuzu unit is BRILLIANT!

That Izuzu unit is BRILLIANT! Had one in an Astra estate - absoulutely unburstable, the only downside was the 4k oil drops.

The basic unit is still around, and the main reason I bought a 2.0 dti Ecotec Vectra as the day car, which has essentially the same lump. Although some 10 years on, the service intervals are 30k :0 ( But I personally drop the oil every 10k, in fact thats what I have done this morning!)

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Vauxhall Astra 1.7td isuzu

I have a sporty 1.6i-16 valve petrol the engine is needing reconditioned or replaced after reading your add what do you need to do when putting in a 1.7td isuzu engine. do i need to change the radiator over, the gearing, fuel system etc.
The engine in the astra sits sideways, where as the sporty engine sits long ways how did you go about fitting it in to the sporty please help I,m in a bit of a dilema.If you could send me some info so i can pass it on to the mechanic.
Thanks Craig

The Daihatsu engine I bought

The Daihatsu engine I bought had the same block and cylinder head, so all the brackets and radiator hoses off the old engine bolted right on.

I had to swap the sump pan, because the new engine's sump hit the front differential, but luckily that bolted right on as well.

Sorry, but I have no experience with fitting engines from other makes.

Well, me new(er) engine arriv

Well, me new(er) engine arrived today. I think it came out of a Charade, or something with a transverse-mounted engine anyway, and has a flywheel for an automatic transmission. :cry:

However, although my old clutch was down to the rivets it hadn't damaged the flywheel so I just swapped it over and ordered a new bushing for the transmission shaft.

The engine looks in good shape and I believe the claimed 43K miles. I have managed to swap over all the parts needed to install it in my Sportrak, such as the thermostat housing so that the radiator hose points the right way, and the engine mount brackets.

The carb that came with it is in great shape, which solves another expensive problem I needed to fix.

It will be installed tomorrow. Touch wood! Wink

The engine I ordered wouldn't

The engine I ordered wouldn't fit :cry: but after swapping the sump pan with the old engine so the oil well was in the back of the engine instead of the front, it went in perfectly.

It took a bit of cranking to get it started (We forgot to hook up the coil wire!) but now it runs just fine. :Smile:

The bonnet is going back on in the morning and I'm off for a test drive...

No Compression

Having spent Chrismas repairing a burnt-out valve on My 1990 Sportrak EL, i have again lost number 2 cylinder and losing oil through the engine. In your opions, has the valve gone again or has my piston rings blown!

Not sure whether to strip the engine and have a look and see if its worth fixing as it has only done 70k or get a new one. I'm open to suggestions.

I am curious to learn more about replacement engines, are they as good as they sound, only 30K, compression tested, etc and can anyone recommend a dealer and what other vehicles will i find the same engine in

Sorry i can't help with bottom of the engine, not stripped that bit yet.

How difficult is it to replace a thrust bearing as mine is making quite a bit of noise.

Test the compression in all f

Test the compression in all four cylinders. If you find a low cylinder, put a bit of oil through the spark plug hole and retest it.

If the compression improves, it is the piston rings.
If it doesn't, it's the valves or head gasket.

It could be the workmanship/installation of the previous valve job, or the new valves may have exposed a weak cylinder. You might have a look at the head and gasket again before deciding on whether to replace the entire engine.

Oil changes can be more important than miles.

If you do order a replacement engine, be very clear on what you want. Tell them you want a Sportrak 1.6L 'HD-C' engine, and ask about the warranty and return policy.

Inspect it carefully when it is delivered, and read the warranty and return policy fine print, especially the bit about it being installed by a certified mechanic.

Your local Daihatsu dealer may be able to recommend a good source for replacement engines.

The thrust bearing for the clutch requires either the engine or transmission to be removed before it can be replaced. I think it's easier to remove the engine if you can rent/borrow a hoist, unless you have access to a vehicle lift and heavy duty transmission jack.