Body panels


Hi my name is John have just purchased a 87fourtack 3dr can any body please tell me were I can get new door skins rear quaters and inner rear wheel aches no one seems to do them in kent (that I can find)
regards John

Body panels

HI its new door skins that im looking for and new rear wings would like this old girl to look the part. If I cant find them will have to try and repair . but mite be interested in a good drivers door (its a three dr)mine`s a bit like my mrs (no bottom left)tryed filler on her but it keeps falling out

body panels

hiya john saw plight n i use these guys lot hope you find em useful they well good company n they tell u your nearest stockist n spect their should be a good few in kent hope u and many others find em helpful regards woody

rear quarters

I tried to get new rear quarters for a F75 1985 Rocky (Fourtrak) last year in Aust. and was told they are no longer available. The later wide track panels were still available. Interested to know if anyone any where else ie UK gets a different story as we rely on Toyota Aust to import spare parts.

body panels ( door skins )

Hi all just thought id let you know that i`v just tracked down some new door skins (main agent)@ £80 + vat each not to bad I thought just got to find good drivers door to hang it on if any one has one to spare ( in Kent that is ) anyway thank you all for advise

I,ve got a couple, if you wan

I,ve got a couple, if you want to come look. Dover. 07710 088162

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